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Denver's Turkey Trot rated one of nation's 10 best Thanksgiving runs Monday, November 24, 2014 04:59 pm
The Mile High United Way Turkey Trot is the eighth best in the U.S., according to Shape's ranking, which analyzed 1,300 Thanksgiving runs to compile ...
Qatar's Late $37 Million Prompts Track and Field Concerns Monday, November 24, 2014 04:59 pm
The proposal was in documents handed to the 27 executives of the International Association of Athletics Federations, or IAAF, before the Nov.
Hospitality House Hosts Turkey Trot and Meal of Thanks to Help Those i... Monday, November 24, 2014 04:59 pm
Nov. 24, 2014. On Thanksgiving day this Thursday, while most High Country residents are stuffing the turkey, baking holiday pies, watching and ...
Pro Cycle and Triathlon to hold Thanksgiving morning bike ride Monday, November 24, 2014 04:59 pm
According to a press release from Katie Bolton, the ride will include a 34-mile ride with two pace options and 7.5-mile Family Fun Ride. The 34-mile ...
Volunteers Needed For St. Jude Marathon Weekend Monday, November 24, 2014 04:59 pm
The 13th annual marathon, half marathon, 5K and family events all take ... participants and handing out water on the marathon, half marathon ad 5K ...
Showtime to Marathon Current Seasons of 'Homeland' & 'The Affair' ... Monday, November 24, 2014 04:59 pm
The marathon event comes after the recently announced pick-ups of THE AFFAIR for a second season and of HOMELAND for a fifth season.
Find your place, and pace, with the Hollywood Run Club Monday, November 24, 2014 04:59 pm
“I enjoy being a part of the Run Club. It is fun to run with other people,” said Joe Randolph of the Run Club. He participated in the half-marathon.
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