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Masters Record Holder Deena Kastor at Rock N Roll Philadelphia
She took 3rd place overall, but 1st place among U.S. women during Sunday September 9th 2014's Rock N Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon. Deena Kastor also beat the masters 10k, 20k, 10 mile and half marathon wold records. If certified she would have also a 5th record from Sunday's race for the 10k. We talk with Deena right after here finish on Pace Per Mile.
Rock n Roll Philadelphia Sunday Morning Race Coverage
Watch the live coverage from the starting line, the corrals, the lead vehicle and from the finish line, with interviews with the VP of Competitor Group, other important people that help put this race on, elite finishers and every day runners with amazing stories to tell. We were live from Philadelphia, PA for a great race morning.
Kristine faced a horrible thing in her life ten years ago
Kristine was raped ten years ago and if it wouldn't be hard enough to face happening from a stranger, this was a friend that put her in the hospital. Her family helped her through the tough times she was going to face for the rest of her life. Her husband has been a huge support and helped her realize that she has to live her life after the rape.
Dave Branca had a injury 3 years ago, but has been back to RnRPhilly for the past 2 years
Dave cramped up with just a few miles left at Rock n Roll Philly three years ago. After splitting his head open with just .1 left to go, he was determined to finish, even if it meant he had to be carried across the finish line.
The Brown Family has gone above and beyond their fundraising goals
Mary, Tim and Elizabeth Brown raised $17,000 for Team in Training. They originally pulled out not thinking they couldn't raise the $5,000 requirement for the charity, but they hit that out of the park. They have 12 people run/walking tomorrow and about 30 volunteers that are helping out at a water stop.
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