Pace Per Mile
Pace Per Mile Shows
2015 Buffalo Marathon Live coverage from the Sunday Buffalo Marathon, Half Marathon and Relay. With coverage from the starting line and at the finish line.
Broadcast of Rock n Roll St. Louis 5k
Live coverage from the Saturday morning 5k. With coverage from the starting line and at the finish line.
The Wineglass Marathon and Half
Live Coverage from the starting line of the half marathon, on the course of the marathon and interviews with the Elite Athletes, top finishers, the race directors and inspirational runners after they cross the finish line in Corning, NY at the 2014 Wineglass Marathon and Half Marathon.
Brian Sweney has some payback for the Wineglass Marathon, two years coming
10 minutes before the race started in 2012, Brian stepped in a hole and sprained his ankle. He tried to finish the race, but at 18 miles in it started to swell. At 21 miles, he was done. The pain was too much. It took him over a year to fully heal from the injury.
Kay and Jill are sisters that are running their 1st marathon
Kay and Jill may have started running three years apart and run at different speeds, but they love running together when they can since they don't live very close to one another. They look forward to a little friendly competition tomorrow on the course.
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